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Venue Photography

Professional photography is one of the pillars of your venue marketing campaign. Because of this, you should ensure that you are hiring a photographer that specialises in this type of photography.

Product Shoot

Product photography, or e-commerce photography as it's sometimes known, is basically what it sounds like: photos taken and used on websites and social media platforms to help drive sales of your product or service.


Model Shoot

A photo shoot is the process taken by creatives and models that results in a visual objective being obtained. An example is a model posing for a photographer at a studio or an outdoor location

A photo shoot is a series of images that are taken, with the goal of obtaining images that can then be placed into post-production, or editing. These images are then used for print/digital advertising, business collateral, or just for personal use.

Jeweler Tools

Jewellery Photography

The best way to photograph jewelry is to ensure your pieces are lit evenly and consistently. Create your lighting setup at a 45-degree angle to the jewelry. Then set your camera to the correct aperture and take the photo. I recommend using a mirrorless DSLR camera to get the best results




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